Nicola Limodio

My name is Nicola Limodio and I am an Assistant Professor of Finance at Bocconi University.

My research focuses on corporate finance, development economics and political economy.


My CV is here and my papers below.

NEWS: I am co-organizing WEFIDEV, a webinar on finance and development. Click here for more info!

Working Papers

* “Liquidity Risk and Long-Term Finance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment” (with M. A. Choudhary). Draft, Appendix & IGIER Working Paper. Conditionally Accepted at the Review of Economic Studies.

* “Terrorism Financing, Recruitment and Attacks". Draft and PEDL Working Paper, PEDL Research Note. Media presence on VoxDev, ProMarket, Slate Political Gabfest, TalkingAboutTerrorism blog, News Livedoor (in Japanese) and Youtube video by BIPR. Revise and Resubmit at Econometrica, first round.

* “Anti-Trust Policies and Profitability in Non-Traded Sectors" (with T. Besley and N. Fontana). Draft, Published Version, Data & Code. Media presence on Knowledge Bocconi. Forthcoming at the American Economic Review: Insights.

* “Bureaucrats Allocation in the Public Sector: Evidence from the World Bank”. Draft, Published Version, IGIER Working Paper, Data & Code. Accepted at the Economic Journal.

* “High-Speed Internet, Financial Technology and Banking” (with A. D'Andrea). Draft & BAFFI CAREFIN Working Paper. Submitted.

* “The Effect of Chinese FDI in Africa: Evidence From Ethiopia” (with R. Crescenzi). Draft & LSE Working Paper. Media presence on fDIIntelligence & LSE GILD Blog Post. Presentation at STEG Annual Conference. Transforming Growth podcast. Submitted.

* “Deposit Insurance and Depositor Behaviour: Evidence from Colombia” (with N. de Roux). Draft & Documento CEDE Working Paper. Media presence on the All About Finance World Bank blog.

Work In Progress

* "Banking and Climate Change" (with F. De Marco)“

* "Firm Credit and Internet Access” (with A. D'Andrea, R. Kpodar, A. Presbitero).