Nicola Limodio

My name is Nicola Limodio, I am an Assistant Professor of Finance at Bocconi University and CEPR Research Affiliate.

My research focuses on financial economics, development economics and political economy. I have been teaching an introductory course in finance to bachelor students (Financial Markets and Institutions) and a reading group in corporate finance for PhD students.

My CV is here and my papers below.


WEFIDEV: I am a co-founder of the WEFIDEV Workshop on Finance and Development. Click here for more info and mail me if you want to join our group.

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Published Papers

1.Deposit Insurance and Depositor Behaviour: Evidence from Colombia” (with N. de Roux), Accepted, the Review of Financial Studies.

Draft & Documento CEDE Working Paper. Media presence on the All About Finance World Bank blog.

2. “High-Speed Internet, Financial Technology and Banking” (with A. D'Andrea), Accepted, Management Science.

Draft, Appendix, PEDL Research Summary, PEDL Research Note, BAFFI CAREFIN Working Paper & PEDL Working Paper. Finalist in the ECB Young Economists’ Competition 2020.

3. "Liquidity Requirements, Bank Deposits and Financial Development” (with F. Strobbe), Forthcoming, Economica.

Draft & Appendix, BAFFI CAREFIN working paper.

4. Terrorism Financing, Recruitment and Attacks", Econometrica, Vol. 90, No. 4 (July, 2022), 1711–1742.

Draft, Appendix, PEDL Working Paper, PEDL Research Note and Data & Code. Media presence on Knowledge Bocconi, VoxDev, ProMarket, Slate Political Gabfest, TalkingAboutTerrorism, News Livedoor and BIPR video.

5. Liquidity Risk and Long-Term Finance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment” (with M. A. Choudhary), the Review of Economic Studies, Volume 89, Issue 3, May 2022, Pages 1278–1313.

Draft, Appendix & IGIER Working Paper. Media presence: Knowledge Bocconi.

6. Bureaucrats Allocation in the Public Sector: Evidence from the World Bank, The Economic Journal, Volume 131, Issue 639, October 2021, Pages 3012–3040.

Draft, IGIER Working Paper, Data & Code.

7. Anti-Trust Policies and Profitability in Non-Traded Sectors" (with T. Besley and N. Fontana), American Economic Review: Insights, Vol. 3, No. 2, 2021, Pages 251-65.

Draft, Data & Code. Media presence on Knowledge Bocconi.

Working Papers

* “The Financial Transmission of a Climate Shock: El Niño and US Banks” (with F. De Marco).

Draft and Working Paper.

* “The Impact of Chinese FDI in Africa: Evidence from Ethiopia” (with R. Crescenzi), Submitted.

Draft, LSE working paper. Media presence on fDIIntelligence, LSE GILD Blog Post and The Economist. Presentation at STEG Annual Conference. Transforming Growth podcast.

* "Subnational Income, Convergence and the Covid19 Pandemic” (with A. M. Choudhary, I.A. Haqqani, F. Lenzi), Submitted.

Draft and IGC Working Paper.

Work In Progress

* “Mobile Internet, Land Titles and Financial Inclusion” (with A. D'Andrea, Hitayezu P., R. Kpodar, A. Presbitero)

* “The Success and Social Costs of Financial Counter-Terrorism” (with C. Cherubini, S. Gulzar, S. Satyanath)

* “The Organizational Economics of Banking” (with L. Picariello)

* “Dollarisation and Financial Inclusion” (with D. Jimenez, L. Naaraayanan, A. Shirkhanyan)

Other Writings

* “Tackling climate change will require reforming the World Bank and IMF – here are two options. The Conversation, November 25, 2022.